tec.nicum integration

Installation of (movable) separating protective devices (safety enclosures and safety fences)

We also have wide-ranging experience from many different industries not just with regard to planning, but also the assembly of complex protective devices. These include:

  • the packaging and food industry
  • the automobile industry
  • paper production
  • the metal-processing industry
  • production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The safety-related solutions that we devise and put into practice are tailored to the individual needs of the relevant industry and to the application. Examples include:

  • hygienic safety doors for the food processing sector
  • Process adjustments for areas at risk of explosions
  • Protective devices with special access options
  • Protective systems for human-robot collaboration

In such cases fixed or movable protective devices as well as full machine housings made of various materials are planned and installed.