tec.nicum engineering

Modification and upgrades of machines (retrofitting)

RET - Modification of upgrades of machines (retrofitting)

Our machine safety specialists do not just provide support with technical projection when you have a retrofitting project. Based on our comprehensive know-how, we are able to carry out all manner of modification and modernisation projects - from planning to commissioning, or even the turnkey handover of the standard-compliant machine.

This range of services consists of the following process steps:

  • Analysis of the status quo regarding measures that have already been implemented
  • On-site assessment of all data and areas of activity
  • Recording all necessary information (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic...)
  • Creating action lists, generic diagrams and sketches (CAD / CAE) including presentation of such as part of a first technical meeting
  • Gathering agreement on action lists; generation of final plans and programmes
  • Design, construction, and procurement of materials, protective devices, switch cabinets, safety components, enclosures, etc.
  • Installation of equipment and peripherals with subsequent commissioning and acceptance
  • Training employees
  • Safety testing and acceptance of the whole installation
  • Handing over of the complete project documentation.

With regard to such modification projects, the tec.nicum specialists take specific risks and individual requirements into account, including accessibility and availability of the plants, so that the best solution can be implemented even when bearing economic aspects in mind.