tec.nicum engineering

Our engineering services

tec.nicum employees don't (just) see themselves as advisers, but as engineers, who can intensively think their way around customer-specific projects and also have the technical details in mind as well as the bigger picture. It is also for this reason that engineering is a very important task and a central column within tec.nicum.

How, specifically, do we support you? Our expects handle the safety-related questions with regard to modifications and modernisations on available machines - both in the planning and projection phase as well as in the whole retrofitting process from planning and modernisation to eventual commissioning.

We also have extensive experience in validating safety functions in accordance with ISO 13849-2 as a prerequisite for determining performance levels and the PFHD values of safety systems. We also prove, using measurements and technical tests, that all safety functions correspond to applicable requirements and work reliably in the industrial arena.

You can depend not just on our expertise with all these engineering services, but also on customer-focused work with the aim of finding the best solution for you and your customers.