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Explosion protection

Explosive environments

Explosion risks must be taken into account, evaluated, and curbed in many industrial sectors. This does not just apply to the chemical and the "oil & gas" industries, but also to large sectors of, for example, food production, processing plastics, and wood processing. Even light-metal dusts are flammable when in a particular mixing ratio with atmospheric oxygen.

The "explosion protection" specialist division within tec.nicum is aware of international and national regulations for gas and dust explosion protection (ATEX, NEC/ CEC, NEPSI, GOST…). It advises both component and machine manufacturers, as well as users in how to determine explosion risks and the classification of Ex zones. The tasks also include:

  • Documenting measures for explosion protection
  • Technical projection in an environment at risk of explosions
  • Validation of equipment in line with applicable requirements.