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The task

Functional machine safety is a complex field of activity which must be taken into consideration in various fields within plant and system engineering as well as industrial production:

  • The requirements of the Machinery Directive and the norms assigned to it apply for mechanical and electrical construction.
  • This results in specific procedures and processes such as risk assessment and the declaration of conformity.
  • Further guidelines (e.g. Low-Voltage and the EMC Directive) should also be taken into account.
  • Other requirements regarding machine safety apply outside the EU, and these must be observed when exporting.
  • Depending on the use of the machine, other normative requirements may arise (explosion protection, hygiene...).
  • The users / purchasers of the machine must ensure that they can safely operate their machine. There are also regulations to this effect (e.g. the Betriebssicherheitsverordnung - the German ordinance on health and safety).
  • In addition, other or special requirements are applicable regarding the integration of machines into complete systems, as well as the modernisation and conversion of available machines.

The concept: The four pillars

The tec.nicum experts advise and accompany their customers and clients in all these questions - with training, on-site advice, documentation, and planning, but also with concrete support,e.g. when installing protective devices and safety systems.

The tec.nicum overall offering can be divided into four modular business fields or pillars that can be combined with each other and also support each other:

knowledge transfer tec.nicum academy
consultancy services tec.nicum consulting
designing safety solutions tec.nicum engineering
practical implementation tec.nicum integration

All services are offered worldwide - reliable, independent, and with the highest levels of competence. This is ensured, amongst other things, by decades of practical experience as well as working within standardisation bodies at both national and international levels.